Privacy Policy


We value your privacy in respect of all personal information you send to us as a result of your use of this site.
We will treat any and all information received confidentially and will only use that information to allow us to deal with your enquiry with the exception of where the law requires us to disclose it or where it is necessary to disclose the information to comply with a regulatory or legal process. If you wish to see the information we hold on you, you are within your rights to to make a request.

We do not guarantee that any emails sent to us by you will be received safely. Please contact us via telephone if you are in any doubt or wish to check the status of an email sent to us. We do not guarantee that emails sent by us to you will be secure.

The GDPR Regulation 2018

We would like you to know that we value and protect any data we hold on you with the strictest of confidentiality and respect.

The GDPR has added to the previous regulations with three important tenets :

  • the right to request
  • the right to amend
  • the right of erasure

What this means to you is that you can ask us at any time to send you the information that we hold on you. You have the right to ask us to amend any information we hold on you and you have the right to be forgotten ( that we erase any personally identifiable information that we have on you.

If you would like to pursue any of the above options please email us at [email protected]and we will respond within one working day.

We also can attest to the following :

  • Any data breach will be reported to the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours of the incident.
  • Newsletter subscriptions are all double opt-in – meaning that not only does the individual have to actively subscribe, but they are required to confirm that subscription subsequently.
  • We carry out internal audits of data protection activities to ensure maximum protection.
  • We do not hold, nor view cardholder data
  • We do not store personally identifiable information

What the GDPR 2018 means to you

  1. The GDPR Strengthens an individual’s rights to their data protection
  2. Keep pace with technology, and enhance protection against unwarranted use of personal data
  3. Brings a consistent outlook on data protection laws inside and outside the European Union


The above is designed to be of benefit to the customer, the supplier and the internet as a whole.